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S'mores amore is a brand inspired to deliver the ultimate s'mores experience by creating s'mores in a way you've never seen before in flavors you've never tasted before. our goal is to offer s'mores fans ridiculous deliciousness in every single bite of our unique variety of s'mores brownies and s'mores blondies!
July 20th, 2018 was the launch of this sweet idea created by owner, chef, and overall
s'mores fanatic duane dinio.  he set out to recreate the iconic campfire dessert experience he remembered as a kid but could also be had all year round even without a campfire!
(or nagging mosquitoes, or even the threat of dreary weather that could come with a traditional camping trip)

using years of culinary knowledge attained from books, tv shows, culinary school, and a good bit of some tasty trials and errors the first s'mores brownies were created made with 3 layers : a special recipe graham cracker cookie crust, delicious chocolatey Brownie and a made from scratch, fluffy vanilla marshmallow
these layers are then carefully hand cut into a 2 x 2 inch square to create
s'mores decadence of epic proportions!
Since we've started, flavors using favorite childhood desserts and also more grown up flavors have also been created to satisfy cravings for S'mores from young and old!
all from a brand that has a love for s'mores you can be sure to "get fired up" for over and over again! 
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