"Nana & Jackie" is our second flavor release in our Heritage Series of S'mores Brownies and S'mores Blondies here at S'mores Amore. 


Inspired by the Filipino dessert lumpia known as "Turon" (pronounced too-rown) which is traditionally created with caramelized bananas and jackfruit wrapped in a rice paper wrapper and then fried in oil, we put our own unique take on this beloved dessert to create a mashup of Turon and S'mores like you've never seen or tasted before!


With our signature Graham Cracker Cookie Crust, Golden Banana Blondie, "OOH WEE!" Gooey Jackfruit Layer topped with crushed waffle cone pieces and a made from scratch Brown Sugar Marshmallow we then add Turbinado Cane Sugar on top and then Fire It Up for you to recreate the flavors of Turon!

"Nana & Jackie" Banana & Jackfruit S'mores Blondie