"Ivan Dragooo!" White Russian S'mores Blondie (Age 21 & Up)


The latest addition to our ABC ("Another Boozy Creation") Series is our celebration of the movie Rocky IV which came out over 30 years ago this month! We loaded our S'mores Amore Blondie with Kona Coffee and also in our "OOH WEE" Gooey Sweet Cream Cheese Layer and then UNLEASHED THE KRAKEN to make a one of a kind Coffee Rum Marshmallow made with their Limited Edition Dark Roast Coffee Rum for the Ultimate Coffee Rum S'mores Experience!


Here for a limited time while in stock for the month of November! Share in the fun with some friends and if you have enough of these you may feel the effects Rocky did after suffering a few punches from the Iron Fist of DRAGOOOOOOO!